Lucha Underground Review! The Wrath Of Chavo

Morgan Mursch

sports tonightFor the very first time given that episode a single of this season Vampiro and Prince Puma crossed paths once again. It was rinse and repeat tonight for those two, with Stuka receiving Mephisto’s number in the 1st fall and again in the second, finishing the rudo off the same way he did in their final trios match. Considering that then, the two have engaged in several legendary battles, with Cavernario twice taking Cometa’s hair (1st at the 81st Anniversary Show in 2014 and final year at the 2016 CMLL International Gran Prix) while Cometa won the very same Mexican National Welterweight Title he’s defending tonight from Cavernario final year.

Apparently the Habs weren’t all that impressed either, because they chose to drop that gigantic coiler out there tonight. All three of those guys have been superb, and they got nice support from Hechicero (naturally) and even Ephesto, who had … Read More