Mike Tyson boxing: Legend’s scary power in Rafael Cordeiro training video

Lahoma Whitelow


Mike Tyson confirmed his devastating ability and speed in coaching — by virtually getting his trainer’s head off.

The heavyweight legend ways back again into the ring on November 29 (AEST) to face Roy Jones Jr in an exhibition contest.

Rafael Cordeiro has been overseeing Tyson’s preparations for the fight and was nearly set in a coma for his troubles.

Footage posted on the web by FightHype confirmed Iron Mike hammering his padded-up coach with brutal punches.

On much more than 1 event, Tyson, 54, takes a swipe close to Cordeiro’s head — earning a stern search from his coach.

Cordeiro is no stranger to experiencing a barrage of blows, from his fighting days as Brazil’s Muay Thai champion with an MMA report of four wins and two defeats.

Mike Tyson almost takes his trainer's head off.
Mike Tyson nearly takes his trainer’s head off.Source: Instagram

And followers were being left fearing for the safety of

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