India’s Hockey Team Hold Edge Due To Preparation Despite Coronavirus: Coach

He lauded the techniques taken by the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Hockey India (Hi) amid the ever-increasing hazard posed by the coronavirus outbreak.

“The authorities were quick to choose action and isolate the SAI Centre. We are isolated but we can have out our standard agenda. Matters are really sleek. We can’t command the virus but we can command our ecosystem,” Reid told PTI in an job interview from SAI South Centre in Bengaluru.

“Matters are changing on a daily foundation but one of the good matter is our potential to continue on teaching which other countries never have. Australian players are dependent with their families and prepare in Perth. Argentines have a centralised application but I never think they are teaching at the moment whilst, our complete team is with each other.

“We have 32 campers listed here and we can participate in competitive hockey towards every

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