The Lute Olson Legacy | FOX Sports

Lahoma Whitelow


2020 has claimed yet another victim and there is collateral injury. The passing of Corridor of Famer Lute Olson in the midst of a pandemic might rob an entire area of one final hurrah for the gentleman who transformed a cellar dwelling laughing-stock into a quarter of a century of blue-blooded faculty basketball.  Picture the VIP portion!

2020 has a selected cruelty to it.

Like the uncomfortable close of his coaching profession this yet another reminder that important couple of us ever get to attract up the closing enjoy or pen the closing chapter.  But the previous chapters?  Any Wildcat basketball supporter can rattle off the CliffsNotes like they might have performed their matriculation selection.  The All Us residents, the Meeting Titles, NCAA appearances and the punctuation mark to it all: One particular Countrywide CHAMPIONSHIP!  There’s a symmetry to that incantation and there are even extra figures to crunch:

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