Gary Neville says deciding relegation on points-per-game is ‘unfair’ despite suggesting it himself

Lahoma Whitelow

So which one is it?! Gary Neville says deciding Premier League relegation on a points-per-game basis ‘feels unfair’… just days after he suggested the method as the best way to end the football season

  • Gary Neville says relegating teams using points-per-game would be ‘unfair’
  • He said clubs must be given a chance to defend themselves if football restarts 
  • It comes just days after the ex-defender suggested PPG to decide the season 
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Gary Neville has made a quick turnaround on his views about deciding regulation on points-per-game, saying it would be ‘unfair’ on teams at the bottom – despite suggesting it just days earlier. 

Premier League teams are starting to return to training ahead of a possible restart of the season in June following weeks

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