MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’: Episode 2 recap

Lahoma Whitelow

Welcome to the recap for Episode two of DeeTV’s “The Challenge: Full Madness.” What’s that? It is MTV? Well, you would not have known it from this episode, which was dominated by a single of the least entertaining people in the entire forged. And even nevertheless Wednesday’s episode gave us perception into how the nominations, Tribunals, and interrogations will go the rest of the time, MTV still spent an terrible whole lot of time on just a single of the 27 remaining forged customers. 

Effectively, 4 of the 27 remaining forged customers. Rookie Jenn was all above this episode, too, and she supplied us with a single of the all-time cringiest moments in Challenge Heritage. Tori and Jordan were being also distinguished gamers this 7 days, but not for any positive explanations. It is rare that a 90-minute episode with practically the entire forged can be so uneventful, but

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