Only a fool, an idiot or a moron would believe using the Y-word isn’t making things worse

Lahoma Whitelow


There are a great deal of rude and abusive text in the Oxford English Dictionary and it is irresistibly tempting to apply a single or two to the clutch of Tottenham Hotspur enthusiasts who claimed, mystifyingly, a spurious victory around the inclusion of the definition of ‘Yiddo’ together with them past week.

An fool (n. A particular person with very small intelligence, a silly particular person, a idiot, a blockhead, a particular person of weak intellect preserved as an amusement) or two sought triumph in the OED’s new listing of ‘Yiddo’ to contain ‘a supporter of, or player for, Tottenham Hotspur Football Club’ as if it by some means justified chanting that has been continuously condemned by Jewish bodies.

A moron (n. A silly or sluggish-witted particular person, a idiot) or two resolved that definitions in a dictionary — ‘Yid’ also now mentions Spurs — constituted a new excuse

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