Southeastern Conference pushing Mississippi to change flag

Lahoma Whitelow


JACKSON, Miss. — The Southeastern Meeting is taking into consideration barring league championship functions in Mississippi until the condition improvements its Confederate-based flag.

“It is previous time for adjust to be built to the flag of the Point out of Mississippi,” Commissioner Greg Sankey claimed in a statement Thursday. “Our learners are worthy of an possibility to master and compete in environments that are inclusive and welcoming to all. In the event there is no adjust, there will be thought of precluding Southeastern Meeting championship functions from becoming performed in the Point out of Mississippi until the flag is changed.”

The NCAA has currently claimed it would not routine postseason functions in Mississippi because of the condition flag.

Nationwide protests about racial injustice have renewed discussion about Confederate symbols. Mississippi has the last condition flag that consists of the battle emblem: a purple subject topped by a blue X

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