NCAA completely misses mark with Oklahoma State’s postseason ban

Lahoma Whitelow


The NCAA had a possibility to do the proper matter on Friday and, in a stunning turn of events, wholly missed the mark.

Who saw that one particular coming?

The punishment that the Committee on Infractions handed down to Oklahoma State on Friday, a one particular-year postseason ban to go along with scholarship reductions and myriad recruiting sanctions, was improper and ought to be totally terrifying for the other plans that located by themselves caught up in the FBI’s investigation into higher education basketball corruption.

Oklahoma State faced a one Stage I violation. It was an unethical perform cost levied at previous assistant mentor Lamont Evans, who acknowledged at the very least $18,150 in bribes from monetary advisors in trade for peddling influence over one particular participant from Oklahoma State and one particular participant from South Carolina, in which Evans was coaching just before accepting a position on Brad

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