NBA and WNBA were offered a whole block on the Las Vegas strip to play and live by MGM Resorts, report says

Lahoma Whitelow


A report from Kevin Draper of the New York Instances outlines how most of the Las Vegas-centric ideas concerning the return of suspended sports activities seasons are put forward by Vegas organizations them selves. The most noteworthy 1 came from MGM Resorts Intercontinental, which has proposed most of the United States’ big sports activities leagues with a recommendation of separating an entire section of the strip to house athletes and acceptable team.

The Instances particularly got its hands on a notably bold proposal that MGM sent to the NBA and WNBA in the hopes that those leagues would go by them to get their respective seasons rolling.

MGM envisions a thoroughly quarantined campus, fundamentally 1 total block of the Las Vegas Strip, exactly where players would reside and perform out regardless of what routine the leagues want. The athletes would be joined by their households, league and broadcast media

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