NFL Week 5 Recap: Fantasy football winners and losers from every game

Lahoma Whitelow

Injuries are always a part of football, and Fantasy players always have to deal with them, but 2020 has taken that to whole new levels. Every week seems to have some new significant injury to deal with — Nick Chubb and Austin Ekeler were Week 4 victims — and Week 5 was no different. 

The biggest injury was obviously to Dak Prescott, a heart breaker for a guy who was off to a historic season coming off an offseason where the Cowboys played hardball on a contract extension offer. Prescott has a long road back from his season-ending ankle injury, and I wish him nothing but the best — including a fat long-term contract  wherever he wants to sign. Get right and go get yours, Dak. 

Of course, there are Fantasy ramifications to every injury, but this one at least has relatively few ones. There’s no way the

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