College basketball coaches discuss racism, diversity

Lahoma Whitelow


Frank Martin remembers the day 22 many years back when he was stopped by a police officer in the center of nowhere, when he was driving across the place from his residence in Miami to enable mentor a youth basketball camp.

”An officer walked up to my window and questioned, ‘What’s a male from your neck of the woods performing up here, like real sarcastically,” the South Carolina mentor recalled. ”My suitable name is Francisco, center name Jose. He starts building exciting of how to enunciate my name. And he mentioned, ‘You’re one of individuals banana boat guys down there the place you’re from,’ so right that minute I was form of like, making an attempt to determine out how to cope with that minute. Typical feeling mentioned, ‘Frank, defuse.”’

It was not the initial time Martin skilled racism. It would not be the last. But it left such

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