Tom Thibodeau odds to become HC at 90%

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Leon Rose’s official employing as New York Knicks workforce president is imminent and Tom Thibodeau’s possibilities to coach upcoming yr are developing.

According to Jonathan Macri of, Leon Rose’s employing as president of basketball functions will be finalized this week. Even so, the much more intriguing news is that Tom Thibodeau is stated to have a ninety% opportunity of getting head coach of the New York Knicks.

“One human being with information of their imagining put the odds at ninety percent that Thibs will get the position, with Miller staying on in some ability,” wrote Macri.

This is an appealing development. It was reported before that the Knicks would have Thibs on the shortlist, additionally the NBA lifer was stated to be intrigued in the position. Thibodeau was an assistant coach in New York for decades underneath Jeff Van Gundy, and later on Don Chaney.

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