MTV’s ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’: Episode 2 recap

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Welcome to the recap for Episode two of DeeTV’s “The Challenge: Full Madness.” What’s that? It is MTV? Well, you would not have known it from this episode, which was dominated by a single of the least entertaining people in the entire forged. And even nevertheless Wednesday’s episode gave us perception […]

Welcome to the recap for Episode two of DeeTV’s “The Challenge: Full Madness.” What’s that? It is MTV? Well, you would not have known it from this episode, which was dominated by a single of the least entertaining people in the entire forged. And even nevertheless Wednesday’s episode gave us perception into how the nominations, Tribunals, and interrogations will go the rest of the time, MTV still spent an terrible whole lot of time on just a single of the 27 remaining forged customers. 

Effectively, 4 of the 27 remaining forged customers. Rookie Jenn was all above this episode, too, and she supplied us with a single of the all-time cringiest moments in Challenge Heritage. Tori and Jordan were being also distinguished gamers this 7 days, but not for any positive explanations. It is rare that a 90-minute episode with practically the entire forged can be so uneventful, but with zero hook-ups, a single notable argument, a suspense-free elimination, and a total whole lot of method/sport converse (that, all over again, was mostly centered all over just a little handful of people), this episode was a letdown following a solid time premiere. Potentially this is the Most Unsafe Season EverTM because viewers could die of boredom?

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We’re not indicating a competitiveness/method-based episode is always a bad thing — much from it — but if you tuned in hoping to see Kailah and Bear hook up, another person toss a punch, or Kaycee appear on display for far more than two overall seconds, well, improved luck up coming time. Let us split down what did come about on the next episode the “The Challenge: Full Madness.”

“The Challenge: Full Madness:” Episode two recap 

***Nothing BUT SPOILERS Forward***

The episode starts with anyone conversing about the new need to-get-an-elimination-to-be-in-the-final twist. Jay doubles down on the fact he’s the only a single eligible to run T.J.’s final proper now, which is what another person who would not know how the upcoming functions would say. CT and Ashley both equally complain that this will blow up their procedures, with CT explaining that his entire Challenge occupation was about daunting people so he would not get place into eliminations. This isn’t really just true since there was also that time he hooked up with Shauvon on a roof.

Even now, CT rather significantly has the method figured out: Be awesome to people so they place you in an elimination from the opponent of your choosing. He also details out that no a single will put Jenny in an elimination except if they’re an idiot. (Dee: Maintain my beer…)

Tori says she desires to go in first, and Huge T says she has been teaching hard in the offseason and desires a possibility to show people how sturdy she seriously is. Prospects are, most of the females would also like to see how strong Huge T seriously is since they continue to do not consider she’s extremely sturdy. Her wig sport in the conversing heads is on level, nevertheless. 

Jenn and Rogan are flirting/conversing method, and Dee is seeing like an attentive koala. (We’ll spend that off afterwards). Rogan acknowledges that because Jenn has no alliance, it can be in all probability not clever to associate with her, but he also admits that from time to time he “likes to consider with his penis,” so you can see his predicament. It was a rare second of self-consciousness and a single most fellas reading this can relate to. Possibly the gals, too. It is a boundary-fewer planet at present.

Dee, who has intimate know-how of Rogan​’s penis-centric believed course of action, isn’t really a fan of it this time, and following a pep converse from Tori, proudly proclaims she’s not Alright with Rogan shifting on nevertheless. Not certain it can be her decision, but fortune favors the daring. 

Every day Competitors: AIRDROP EXTRACTION

The forged assembles in entrance of big letters that spell out “Challenge,” and as is the scenario every calendar year, we’re still left to speculate if they fly those people above from the States or have a company in their host nation make them. It seriously is a single of the most enduring mysteries of the show, alongside with with T.J. does all working day and how Aneesa retains having invited back again. 

The forged is randomly divided into 9 groups of 3. (Why random? Choose 9 captains and let us do this schoolyard design and style). Each and every workforce has to transfer 15 “major” military crates a single mile between two “missile start platforms.” The prime 3 teams advance to Round two, which is where by “all the exciting happens,” in accordance to T.J. The 3 remaining teams will board a helicopter and drop their 9 bombs on targets on the missile start platforms. The workforce that has the “most accurate bombs” will make up the Tribunal. Missiles? Bombs? Helicopters? Which is proper — some actual Most Unsafe Season EverTM s***.

The teams: 
Wes/Jordan/Jenny (Group Is This Rigged?)
Josh/Bayleigh/Jenn (Group CBS)
Kaycee/Jay/CT (Group Eye Chart)
Cory/Swaggy/Dee (Group Hefty D and the Boyz)
Fessy/Kyle/Melissa (Group Most effective Hunting)
Ashley/Bear/Jenna (Group New ***s and a Brit)
Nelson/Kailah/Tori (Group New ***s and a Dimwit)
Bananas/Aneesa/Nany (Group Previous Their Prime)
Rogan/Huge T/Mattie Lynn (Group Humorous Accent)

Previously, we have complications, as clearly teams with two females are at a disadvantage. I understand that we, in fact, stay a boundary-fewer planet at present, but you can find also a popular-feeling planet that says 3 of the 4 teams with two dudes are gonna progress. (Spoiler alert: Which is what happens.)

Jordan says he desires to retain speed with Fessy since Fessy is a “D1 football player.” Once more, D1 FCS football player. Do not want to retain harping on that every 7 days, but, you know, slight difference. Josh says Bayleigh “has verified that she’s a sturdy competitor”, and Bayleigh also says she’s a “sturdy competitor,” so clearly Bayleigh​’s “communicate-it-into-existence” strategy is working since we have not seen her do something (and that features her “Huge Brother” time). Josh is nervous about Jenn, who’s nervous about herself. She says if she’s not in the Tribunal, she’s “one hundred thirty per cent” likely into elimination (let us hope fractions usually are not associated). She then tells us she desires to begin her own swimsuit line, and which is when viewers must have known there was a 230-per cent possibility she was likely into elimination. If a forged member ever talks about upcoming business endeavors, you know proper then things are about to go south for them.

Tori sees Jenn struggling and will make an analogy about jumping on her like a lion (no word if she was referring to the lion that stalked and presumably ate Natalie after her improper turn in the course of the “Final Reckoning” final). Aneesa says Jenn is “searching her most effective, attempting her least,” which would carry a whole lot far more fat if it wasn’t coming from Aneesa. So, yeah, Jenn sucks, and while we hold out for her inevitable demise, we acquire a split to see Bear lust over Kailah for the next straight 7 days. Just hook up and get it above with, please.

Huge T is accomplishing surprisingly very well (in accordance to Rogan), and Ashley realizes this just isn’t really her working day and decides to mail it in. We when compared her to LeBron in our time preview since of the revenue she’s invested back again into her entire body, and the moment all over again she reminds us of LBJ by conserving her electricity for when it seriously matters. Really soon we could be possessing Ashley-vs.-Jordan for the greatest of all-time debates…just like we do with LeBron! 

Group Is This Rigged? (WesJordanJenny) is the first to finish, followed by Group Most effective Hunting (Fessy, Kyle Melissa) and Group Hefty D and the Boyz (Cory, SwaggyDee). Group Is This Rigged? receives first crack to drop bombs from the helicopter — which would seem like a punishment, not a reward, for finishing first — but significantly to everyone’s delight (especially Bananas), they do not do very well, hitting just two of 9 targets. Even Wes, who’s on the workforce, would not brain accomplishing inadequately since “you can find nothing at all improved than observing Jordan drop.” Man, Jordan need to be a actual dick, huh?

Group Most effective Hunting follows, which means Melissa last but not least receives to communicate this time. After a pair misses, they strike 7 of 9 targets. As Dee receives completely ready to board the helicopter with Group Hefty D and the Boyz, Bananas suggests this is a good time for Rogan and Jenn to hook up, though Dee could kamikaze out the helicopter to stop them. Rogan is a fan of the notion, pointing out they have 20 minutes, while Bananas says they are going to be good even if they have just five. And that wins the award for classiest trade of the evening. 

Group Hefty D and the Boyz hit all 9 targets, putting DeeSwaggy, and Cory in the Tribunal. Swaggy says “he’s lit” (the next-most irritating thing he says this episode), and following Jordan throws a tantrum (and Bananas will make exciting of him for dropping a single of his boxes “in Germany”), most people returns to the bomb shelter, where by they will choose on the first woman to go into the elimination round. 

Strategy Chat

Dee pushes for the household to pick Jenn for 3 explanations (“She’s the weakest woman…her social sport is s***…she’s flirting with my gentleman/ex gentleman, whatsoever he is, but I do not like it”), and Jenny desires to get decided on by the Tribunal since she says this is an effortless path to a pink cranium (she need to have used a method application in addition to her equations application in the offseason). Fessy admits he has no clue what is actually likely on, which would not appear as a shock if you watched his “Huge Brother” time and saw him get led all over like a donkey by J.C.

Jenn, in a misguided attempt to preserve herself, turns to Bananas and Wes, and so starts the cringiest 10 minutes of the entire time. The two “showmen” (Bananas’ word) encourage Jenn she demands to have a speech completely ready for nominations, and they all but dictate what she must say, which include evaluating herself to a inventory that will be at its greatest when she’s getting rid of in the final. Bananas sums it up: “I do not consider that Jenn essentially understands what is actually happening to her proper now. It is mainly, like, we’re providing her a roadmap that qualified prospects specifically off of a cliff into a pit of sharks and damaged glass.” 

Truly, Nelson sums it up most effective by sitting there with his mouth agape, unquestionably shocked that he’s not the dumbest forged member this time. 


Bananas kicks off the elimination vote by having Wes study the docket for that week’s conference, which is just an justification to place poor Jenn in the spotlight. Jenn nervously starts by indicating, “Hello…greetings, earthlings…” and which is when even the most black-hearted “Challenge” viewers experienced to enjoy between their fingers. Phrases won’t be able to do justice to how brutal it was. 

She details out that anyone thinks she’s weak, but which is seriously not that terrible of a thing. Mattie Lynn shows up for just the next time this time (not a good indicator for her extended-phrase prospects) and says you must under no circumstances simply call oneself weak even if you are weak. Jenn goes on to reveal that they must retain her all over so they can conquer her in a final, which essentially will make feeling (shout out to Katie Doyle), but as she continues to give “a single of the worst speeches in nomination background,” in accordance to CT, she goes off the rails and says rookies should not go from sturdy competitors and anyone laughs at her. 

Wes last but not least places her out of her misery and votes her into Purgatory. Jenn is hilariously shocked by this. Absolutely everyone but BananasRogan, and CT vote for her, with those people 3 throwing their votes toward Huge TWes says he’s experienced a exciting pair several hours and goes off to continue on expanding his beard.

Jenn then decides it would be a good notion to get into an argument with Dee, who retains the destiny of her opponent in her hands. Did Wes tell her to do that, too? Jenn accuses Dee of seeing her in her sleep, indicating she peaks underneath her koala eye mask to make certain she’s not hooking up with Rogan. Night-vision footage would seem to affirm this, which the moment all over again proves that Dee is a actual D(ee)-blocker. 

She’s also a T-blocker, as in Tori. Tori desires to go into Purgatory, but Dee says (quite a few periods) that her “No. 1 woman” is Jenny, and she promised her a spot in Purgatory this 7 days. Tori isn’t really about that life, and details out that Dee won $250,000 last time by driving her and Jordan‘s coattails. Jordan says if Dee would not vote in Tori, then he’s accomplished working with her, which would seem a little bit extraordinary, but, as established, Jordan is a dick. 

Following a unusual conversation where Tori and Dee stand in lockers like Screech on “Saved By the Bell” and output plays church audio, Dee reaffirms that Tori is not her No. 1 and is now irritated that Tori threatened her (which she realized since Tori began the conversation with “This is not a risk…”). Dee says for the next time this episode that she has significant balls (hey, it can be a boundary-fewer planet), and we’re off to the Tribunal. 

The Tribunal decides to nominate JennyTori, and Huge T. It is odd Swaggy would not want to get Bayleigh in Purgatory in what figures to be the easiest matchup a woman can have all time, but she’s this kind of a sturdy competitor (eleventh position on “Huge Brother 20”) that she in all probability would not have to worry. 

Huge T says totally nothing at all of consequence while staying interrogated, Swaggy refers to himself in the 3rd individual when conversing to Jenny (his most irritating second of the evening), and Dee and Tori go for a prolonged Round three about whether Dee owes Tori and Jordan something since of last time. Holy crap, if it wasn’t for Wes and Bananas f’ing with Jenn, this episode would be quickly forgettable.

Afterwards, Wes details out to Dee that it could not be clever to give Jenny a free pink cranium and ticket to the final, as that will make it far more tricky for Dee to not only make it to the final but also get. This believed experienced absolutely under no circumstances transpired to Dee, but she pretends that it has and suggests if they get to Purgatory and see it can be a puzzle, she could pivot to Tori, who is “s***” at puzzles. Not a terrible preserve, all issues thought of.

Also, we must take note that we’re 75 minutes into the episode and KailahJenna, and Nany, aka the “Holy Trinity,” have stated fewer than 4 put together phrases…which kinda will make sense since it can be Holy Week.


A buzzer sounds and we’re headed to Purgatory. The forged is extremely enthusiastic, and they get even far more fired up when T.J. clarifies nevertheless a different twist: An individual in the Tribunal can vote themselves into Purgatory. He would not reveal how the voting course of action functions for that (Can Dee be overruled by the two fellas if she desires to go in? What would’ve took place if there were being two females in the Tribunal?), but Teej likes to retain us on a want-to-know foundation, so I guess we are going to obtain out afterwards. 

Absolutely everyone is pumped to see if Dee will take on her early-time nemesis, but she clarifies that she’s a “woman of her word” and has to vote for Jenny since they shook hands (boo!). If you are holding observe at dwelling, that suggests “significant balls” Dee passed on the easiest option she’ll have all time to gain a pink cranium. Treatment to acquire back again your praise, Wes? To be fair, Dee also clarifies that she wasn’t mentally completely ready to go into elimination (legitimate) and that she was nervous about dying of shame if she misplaced. But she would not have misplaced, so she’s continue to an idiot. 

The Tribunal votes in Jenny by a three- margin, and we do not even want to enjoy the rest.

The competitiveness is identified as “Flip the Switch”, and every competitor has to flip ten barrels on strings above some poles. The first individual to flip all ten to their opponent’s facet wins and is official in shape to run “T.J.’s final” (a thing he says 3 periods in the up coming 4 minutes). 

Jenny throws her barrels above the poles with a single hand, while Jenn “seems to be like a minor child at a birthday bash attempting to retain the balloon from touching the floor,” in accordance to CT. He provides a faint “whee” to travel the level dwelling of just how ineffectual Jenn is.

As the rest of the forged freaks out over Jenny effectively accomplishing the comp with a single hand, Jordan need to have been like, “Yeah? Welcome to the club.” T.J. receives a minor too enthusiastic over Jenny‘s effectiveness and says she could “one-handedly smoke [himself] and any person else up there.” Swaggy yells out, “Points!” when Teej says this, continuing his quest to communicate only in Tweets. 

Following T.J. congratulates Jenn on having conquer by Jenny (odd), Bananas hollers,”We pass up you presently” as Jenn leaves. Get in touch with me nuts, but I consider he seriously suggests it.

Not like the producers of this episode, Ashley has no time for Dee, indicating, “Dee thinks she’s this fantastic sport player ’cause she uncovered from Wes, but she gave the strongest woman in the household the easiest trip to the final, and now she’s gonna have to contend from her in a final. Excellent luck, honey. Dream on.” (pause) “Pfft.” The “pfft” was a awesome contact. 

Jordan says Dee won’t be able to be trusted, and she’s the “only a single” on his and Tori‘s checklist proper now. Wonderful, does that indicate we are going to have to endure a different DeeToriJordan-centric episode this time? If so, I might like to choose out. As the credits roll, Wes has a rare second of humility and admits he would not know what the proper method is, which we presently realized from when he was praising Dee.


Like all truth Television producers, “The Challenge” crew likes to foreshadow. Often it is for the speedy up coming one or two episodes from time to time it is for the entire time. Dependent on what we saw in Episode two, a several things seem clear:  

Jenny was talked up so significantly that you can practically e-book her visual appeal in the final. Fessy also obtained talked up by none other than Jordan, so he’s most likely likely a extended way this time.

It is not a loss of life knell to get nominal display workforce early in the time (following all, there are continue to 27 people on the show), but for JennaNany, Kailah and Kaycee to get a put together a single conversing head is a extremely terrible indicator for all 4. There’s a significant difference in having a minor little bit of time (like Ashley and even Bayleigh did) and having zero time. Jay, Kyle, and Nelson were being typically no-shows tonight, too.

We also uncovered that Fessy “came to contend,” (many thanks), Huge T desires to be in “every one Tribunal” in the upcoming (daring method), and Bear and Cory — two of the greatest cads in recent Challenge background — draw the line at staying a sore loser (a gentleman obtained to have to have a code). 

We’ll see up coming 7 days if the fellas are smart ample to nominate Jay. He has a pink cranium, which suggests he’s using someone’s spot in the final, and he’s most likely the worst male competitor in the sport. He must be a unanimous nomination, with a single of the significant gamers attempting to manipulate the Tribunal to place him in from the rookie. Dependent on CT‘s rant early in the episode, my money’s on him likely in. 

Over-all EPISODE Score

From now on, we are going to price aspects of the episode based on the day-to-day competitiveness prizes forged customers used to get on older difficulties. Here is our ranking program:

1=Freestyle Kite (this was essentially a prize supplied out)
two=Burger King Feast (apologies to Turbo, who was extremely enthusiastic about this)
three=Blockbuster Present Certificate (you can find a single continue to open someplace)
4=Zune MP3 Player (iPods were being overrated)
5=Razor Scooter (these were being great for hot minute in the mid-aughts)
six=T-Cellular Sidekick (the most effective mobile phone for having a clue from T.J.)
7=Kicker Vehicle Audio Procedure (who did not want to get a single of these?)
8=Plasma Television (this was a big deal when it was won)
nine=BMW bike (Brad’s very best Challenge second…other than explaining that him and Britni weren’t on an “I love you” method)
ten=Saturn Ion Quad Coupe (hey, a car’s a car or truck)

Production: Razor Scooter (5). Nothing good, nothing at all terrible. At least they gave us a duel conversing head with Wes and Bananas and experienced footage of Dee watching Jenn.

Competitions: Plasma Television (8). The day-to-day comp was demanding and seemed exciting, and the elimination comp could have been a good a single with far more evenly matched rivals.

Cast: Zune MP3 Player (4). Possibly we must blame output for this, but there wasn’t significantly introduced to the desk exterior of Wes and Bananas mocking Jenn.

T.J. Lavin: Kicker Vehicle Audio Procedure (7). It is tough to fault Teej for something he does, but he was a minor above the prime with his praise of Jenny.

Over-all: Razor Scooter (5). Our scoring program is weighted, so if it can be a terrible output/forged evening, which is gonna hurt the over-all rating. 

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