Mikey Garcia vs. Jessie Vargas results: Garcia gets first welterweight win, calls out Manny Pacquiao

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[advert_one] Mikey Garcia was the scaled-down guy, but he built sure he was the more substantial puncher. Right after being shut out versus Errol Spence Jr. in his welterweight debut last March, Garcia notched his very first victory in the division, a unanimous conclusion around Jessie Vargas, on Saturday evening, […]


Mikey Garcia was the scaled-down guy, but he built sure he was the more substantial puncher.

Right after being shut out versus Errol Spence Jr. in his welterweight debut last March, Garcia notched his very first victory in the division, a unanimous conclusion around Jessie Vargas, on Saturday evening, live on DAZN. Judges at The Ford Middle at The Star in Frisco, Texas, scored it 116-111, 116-111 and 114-113, all in favor of Garcia, who applied a fifth-round knockdown to electrical power his way to the victory.

“I consider I carried the pounds a tiny little bit greater and that permitted me to complete greater,” Garcia explained to DAZN’s Chris Mannix of his next crack at 147 lbs ..

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Right after notching the victory, Garcia when yet again expressed his desire to combat Manny Pacquiao.

“I am prepared to get again in with the finest,” Garcia explained. “I would like to get an option to combat Manny Pacquiao or rematch versus Errol Spence. I consider it would be a great combat. I am a tiny little bit greater now at this pounds class.”

When questioned whether he thinks a Pacquiao combat could essentially take place, Garcia spoke with self-confidence and optimism.

“I consider it’s pretty most likely that we’re viewed as as a most likely opponent,” he explained, “for the reason that we proved ourself to be in a position to contend versus just one of the bigger former globe champs of the division.”

Vargas peppered Garcia with his jab early on and mixed in some electrical power shots to stifle the 4-division globe champion as a result of the very first 4 rounds. Garcia’s endurance paid out off in the fifth, even so, when he unloaded a stinging still left-proper mixture that dropped Vargas with a thud. Vargas’ legs turned into jelly instantly he just managed to endure the round.

Though Vargas proved to be game and gutsy by preventing and punching away, Garcia ongoing to assert that still left-proper mixture. He threatened a stoppage in the seventh round, when the referee experienced to choose a lengthy, tough glance, and built Vargas wobbly yet again in the tenth round with that exact same tough proper hand.

This is how the complete Garcia-Vargas card unfolded:

Mikey Garcia vs. Jessie Vargas updates, highlights

Main occasion: Mikey Garcia edges Jessie Vargas by unanimous conclusion for first welterweight victory

12:12 a.m.: There it is: 114-113, 116-111 and 116-111, all in favor of Garcia.

Round 12:  The fighters faucet gloves to start out the ultimate round. Vargas is leaning into Garcia’s system, plainly fatigued. Vargas is making an attempt to smother Garcia with his system and land whatever shots he can even though in the clinch. Anything at all to get the round and have a prayer on the cards. Garcia splits Vargas’ guard with a still left-proper mixture. Vargas lands a lunging still left hook times later on. Give him credit rating for not having the legs but nevertheless punching away. Garcia hits Vargas proper on the top rated of the head and wobbles him nevertheless yet again. This was Vargas’ round until finally Garcia landed the shot. Just as that’s explained, Vargas lands a stiff proper hand in the ultimate seconds to choose the round. Let’s see how judges rating it. (ten-nine, Vargas 116-111, Garcia)

Round 11:  A still left-proper mixture rocks Vargas across the jaw. That proper hand carries on to be the heaviest punch of this combat. Vargas retains punching and lands two proper palms of his possess. A still left hook lands for Vargas all through the waning seconds as perfectly. He could have finished just plenty of to get the body. (ten-nine, Vargas 107-one hundred and one, Garcia)

Round ten:  A Garcia proper hand hurts Vargas. He retains location it up the exact same way — with a still left jab that touches Vargas before he unloads with the proper. Vargas is wobbly yet again, nevertheless Garcia carries on to demonstrate endurance. Vargas tries to keep going forward as he stays in this combat. (ten-nine, Garcia 98-ninety one, Garcia)

Midnight:  Can Garcia get a finish? You can see him working towards it.

Round nine:  Garcia comes around the top rated with a chopping proper hand that rocks Vargas, yet Vargas is nevertheless game. Garcia peppers him with a jab times later on. The action and pace carry on to sluggish, though just one can see that Garcia is location up a different electrical power shot. (ten-nine, Garcia 88-eighty two, Garcia)

Round eight:  Garcia is measuring Vargas with that proper hand and throwing his jab as perfectly. Vargas’ eyes are terribly swollen. A stinging still left-proper mixture lands for Garcia. Appropriate hook lands for Garcia times later on. He is in finish management. The pace has slowed in this round. (ten-nine, Garcia 78-73, Garcia)

Round seven:  Garcia is patiently stalking Vargas and coming around the top rated with a tough proper hand to the head. It took some time, but Garcia has established that, in spite of being the scaled-down guy, he’s the more substantial puncher. A still left-proper mixture lands for Garcia and he’s bringing the soreness to Vargas, who’s seemingly wobbled yet again. Garcia is teeing off on Vargas versus the ropes, but Vargas will get saved by the bell. The ref took a lengthy, tough glance all through those waning seconds. (ten-nine, Garcia 68-sixty four, Garcia)

Round six:  Vargas is nevertheless on shaky legs and Garcia is tagging him it’s target apply proper now. Vargas is making an attempt to press forward, even so. Vargas is doing his finest to get his legs again this round, but they are nevertheless shaky. Garcia will take the round, but Vargas did a superior career of avoiding hurt. (ten-nine, Garcia 58-55, Garcia)

Round 5:  Vargas is working the system and going to Garcia’s head. He is in a rhythm and working off a electrical power jab to the system. Still, he has blood pouring down his face. Vargas’ quantity is large proper now. Whoa! Garcia catches Vargas with a significant proper hook. Vargas is wobbly. He is terribly hurt. Garcia drops Vargas with a stinging still left-proper mixture!

Garcia is loading up and pelting Vargas with shot after shot. Vargas is in survival method up versus the ropes. There is certainly the bell. But Garcia being client paid out off in a major way. (ten-eight, Garcia 48-46, Garcia)

Round four:  Counter still left lands for Garcia, but Vargas returns fire with a tough still left hook of his possess. Garcia doubles up on a still left hook. Vargas catches Garcia with a check still left hook times later on. Garcia provides a tough proper hand times later on. Garcia now stalking Vargas and hitting him on the move. One more shut round. (ten-nine, Garcia 38-38)

Round three:  Garcia sneaks in a tough still left jab in the opening 30 seconds. A still left hook lands for Garcia times later on. He is having achievement finding within. They clash heads, and Vargas checks for blood. There is certainly none. Vargas catching Garcia when Garcia is punching. He is punching as a result of Garcia’s punches. But Garcia lands a mixture and presses forward with additional punches. Vargas comes on powerful all through the waning seconds of the round. (ten-nine, Garcia 29-28, Vargas)

11:30 p.m.:  Vargas is coming out powerful early. Garcia is looking for responses.

Round two:  Vargas pumping that still left jab — to the system and upstairs. Tough one-2 combination follows. Sharp mixture from Garcia in reaction, but Vargas comes again with shots of his possess in a brief trade. Vargas lands that still left hook yet again, but Garcia returns fire with a wonderful counterpunch. Straight still left hand for Garcia lands as perfectly. Strong proper palms to Garcia’s system from Vargas. A nearer round, but Vargas doing plenty of to seize this body as perfectly. (ten-nine, Vargas 20-18, Vargas)

Round one:  Each fighters experience are every other out in the opening seconds. You can see how a lot more substantial Vargas is. He is making an attempt to assert his jab early on as the additional intense fighter. Each boxers swing and Vargas lands a grazing still left hook. Garcia lands a proper times later on. Vargas is discovering achievement burying his still left hand into Garcia’s midsection. A massive still left hook smacks Garcia across the face. The 4-division globe champ has been place on detect of Vargas’ electrical power. Will it keep him from finding within? (ten-nine, Vargas)

11:22 p.m.:  The fantastic Michael Buffer has finished his formal ring introductions and we’re seconds away from finding it on at this point.

11:thirteen p.m.:  Jessie Vargas has built his ring stroll in this article comes 4-division globe champion Mikey Garcia.

The 32-yr-previous Garcia is coming off his very first pro reduction. Will he locate his footing at welterweight or will Vargas show that the embellished boxer isn’t really reduce out for 147 lbs .? We’re about to locate out.

11 p.m.:  A jubilant instant for “Chocolatito,” who proves to himself and the boxing globe that he’s nevertheless a pressure in that ring.

Co-main occasion: Roman ‘Chocolatito’ Gonzalez blasts Kal Yafai in ninth-round TKO to get WBA junior bantamweight title

Round nine:  Whoa! The 4-division globe champion drops Yafai with a monstrous proper hand across the jaw! Yafai is terribly hurt. He is not going to be in a position to carry on. This one’s a wrap! Enormous get for the veteran, who palms Yafai his very first pro reduction. Unbelievable instant for “Chocolatito.” The king is again!

Round eight:  These shorter, compact punches keep landing for “Chocolatito.” Remaining the more substantial guy has not paid out dividends for Yafai. Scintillating mixture within for Gonzalez. “Chocolatito” buries a still left to the system and then drives Yafai’s head again with a stiff proper hand. He drops Yafai by going to the system and again upstairs! (ten-eight, Gonzalez 78-73, Gonzalez)

Round seven:  Gonzalez has approximately double the pro working experience of Yafai, and it’s showing as he carries on to dig away within. But why does Yafai insist on preventing the veteran’s combat? It truly is as though he’s making an attempt to make a assertion standing toe-to-toe, but he doesn’t have the firepower. “Chocolatito” is backing the champ down versus the ropes and just swinging away. Yafai’s still left eye is swollen from all those shots. Gonzalez is just relentless. (ten-nine, Gonzalez 68-65, Gonzalez)

Round six:  Gonzalez has a reduce around his proper eye. The ref warns Yafai about head-butting. Yafai is the more substantial, more powerful fighter but he’s being outworked within. “Chocolatito” simply just has a increased quantity of punching that Yafai is going to have to quell to defend his title. Gonzalez burying a still left hook to the system and going upstairs has been his bread and butter this bout. (ten-nine, Gonzalez 58-fifty six, Gonzalez)

Round 5:  “Chocolatito” goes upstairs and then digs to the system. He is the busier boxer proper now, but Yafai is doing a wonderful career counterpunching, prior to the two just stand and trade. Yafai’s punches are heavier, but Gonzalez is the additional energetic of the two and is preventing his combat. (ten-nine, Gonzalez 48-47, Gonzalez)

ten:30 p.m.:  This is shaping up to be rather a combat. Neither boxer is backing down or providing the other an inch. Electrical action thus significantly.

Round four:  Yafai is earning Gonzalez’s regard the tough way — by standing in front of him locked in the cellphone booth and having turns teeing off. He is walking down “Chocolatito” in the approach. He appreciates that Gonzalez is the massive name he requires on his resume. Gonzalez scores to the system and lands a proper to the head in a relentless pursuit of the champ late in the round to choose the body. (ten-nine, Gonzalez 38-38)

Round three: Yafai doing a wonderful career of catching Gonzalez to crack the action within and bounce again within. Which is smart for the reason that Gonzalez has been the aggressor when within. But “Chocolatito” is again digging into Yafai with shorter uppercuts and hooks within. (ten-nine, Yafai 29-28, Yafai)

Round two:  “Chocolatito” in a wonderful groove, in particular landing that still left uppercut in a wonderful rhythm. A proper uppercut appeared to excitement Yafai briefly late in the round. A strong round for Gonzalez. (ten-nine, Gonzalez 19-19)

Round one:  A shut very first round with Yafai seemingly preventing Gonzalez’s fight but doing plenty of to choose the round. (ten-nine, Yafai)

10 p.m.: The co-main occasion is up subsequent: Kal Yafai defends his WBA junior bantamweight title against Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez.

Julio Cesar Martinez def. Jay Harris by unanimous conclusion behind relentless attack to the system

nine:46 p.m.:  Judges rating it 118-109, 116-111 and 115-112, all in favor of Martinez, who’s prosperous in his very first title defense.

nine:44 p.m.:  What a combat. Martinez and Harris experienced on their own some cellphone-booth fireworks for a bulk of that bout. Harris’ system is going to truly feel like mush Sunday early morning.

nine:forty p.m.:  Martinez has quite a lot emptied his arsenal by throwing seemingly every single punch from every single angle, and nevertheless . . . Harris stays proper in front of his face. Some exhibiting of guts and willpower from this additional-than-game challenger with the 12th round subsequent.

nine:34 p.m.:  Individuals system shots ultimately took their toll: Martinez provides Harris to a knee in the tenth round subsequent thudding electrical power punches to the system. Harris is up but Martinez is presently again on the attack.

nine:30 p.m.:  In the ninth round, as this combat stays in the cellphone booth. Harris stays proper in the champ’s face. Martinez is doling out additional punishment than he’s having, but Harris is creating his shots rely, also. This is finding additional intriguing by the minute.

nine:24 p.m.:  Martinez is the additional gifted boxer, but Harris has massive-time coronary heart. He just took the seventh round after a crisp a few-punch mixture split the champ’s guard and drove his head again. Exceptional round for Harris, who retains discovering a way.

nine:15 p.m.:  A the vast majority of the fifth round was fought in the cellphone booth, with Martinez finding the greater of the exchanges by rocking Harris’ system and tagging him upstairs as perfectly. These system shots are going to choose a toll on the challenger. They’ve obtained to.

nine:ten p.m.:  Martinez buries a still left to Harris’ system and then goes upstairs with a proper in the fourth round now. That sequence briefly quells the firefight we’ve seen at times early in this bout. Entertaining, to say the least. Martinez is a hugely competent fighter, but Harris is challenging and is doing an especially good career landing tough shots all through the waning seconds of rounds.

nine:05 p.m.:  Harris experienced a superior next round, but nevertheless obtained rocked with a scintillating proper hand — the finest punch of the body.

9 p.m.:  Martinez is as superior as it will get with both of those palms. All the things is lightning-fast and accurate. The defending WBC flyweight champ presently has his challenger on detect with his ambidextrous ability and electrical power, in particular when it comes to his still left, sweeping uppercut. Dazzling stuff in that very first round.

eight:47 p.m.:  Newly crowned WBC flyweight champion Julio Cesar Martinez is up subsequent, defending his title versus Jay Harris. Martinez was completely sensational in December when he defeated Cristofer Rosales to get the title. The twenty five-yr-previous Martinez’s switch-hitting type is one thing to see. 

eight:41 p.m.:  Parker tells DAZN’s Chris Mannix that he wants a combat with Dereck Chisora and a rematch with Dillian Whyte this yr. Parker missing to Whyte via unanimous conclusion in July 2018. 

Joseph Parker crushes Shawndell Winters for fifth-round TKO

eight:36 p.m.:  Just … like … that! Parker buckled Winters’ knees with a tough proper hand across the jaw and then came again with a flush right-still left-proper combo to fall Winters almost as a result of the ring ropes in the fifth.

Winters built it up to his feet but was in no issue to carry on. 

eight:33 p.m.:  Winters did quite perfectly for himself that fourth round, even clipping Parker with a check still left hook that opened a reduce around the former champ’s proper eye.

eight:30 p.m.:  A massive, chopping proper hand drops Winters with a thud late in the 3rd round. Let’s see if Parker can shut matters out in this article in the fourth.

eight:20 p.m.:  Parker asserted a tough jab that very first round. Let’s see how he provides to it.

eight:ten p.m.:  Former globe heavyweight champion Joseph Parker kicks off this main card against Shawndell Winters. Parker will be making an attempt to thrust himself again to the forefront of a crimson-scorching heavyweight division.

8 p.m.: Doubling down at welterweight after his division debut ended in his very first pro loss is a bold move for Mikey Garcia. We’re going to see how he fares tonight. This main card is now live. Rock with Sporting News in this article for all the live updates and highlights.

seven:50 p.m.:  The main card is ten minutes away from launching. It must be an superb evening of boxing all all around.

seven:forty two p.m.:  Make that five wins — all by knockout — to start out his pro profession for Israil Madrimov. He dropped Navarro with a crunching system shot, prior to dropping him yet again for a sixth-round TKO.

seven:30 p.m.:  Israil Madrimov vs. Charlie Navarro in junior middleweight action in this article. They’re in the 3rd round of a ten-round combat. Keep locked in with Sporting News for all the live updates and round-by-round highlights tonight.

What time does the Garcia vs. Vargas combat start out?

  • Prelims:  six p.m. ET | three p.m. PT
  • Main card: 8 p.m. ET | 5 p.m. PT
  • Main occasion: 11 p.m. ET | 8 p.m. PT (approx.)

Coverage of the Mikey Garcia vs. Jessie Vargas fight will start off with the undercard at six p.m. with the main card slated for an eight p.m. start out. Vargas and Garcia are anticipated to make their ring walks for the main occasion at about 11 p.m., although that time relies upon on the length of before fights.

Garcia vs. Vargas combat card

Main card

  • Mikey Garcia vs. Jessie Vargas welterweights
  • Kal Yafai vs. Roman “Chocolatito” Gonzalez for Yafai’s WBA junior bantamweight title
  • Julio Cesar Martinez vs. Jay Harris for Martinez’s WBC flyweight title
  • Joseph Parker vs. Shawndell Winters heavyweights


  • Diego Pacheco vs. Oscar Riojas super middleweights
  • Israil Madrimov vs. Charlie Navarro junior middleweights
  • Alexis Espino vs. Delvecchio Savage super middleweights
  • Leo Ruiz Acevedo vs. Dennis Knifechief junior middleweights
  • Jesse Rodriguez vs. Marco Sustaita flyweights

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