How to Select a Racing Kart Engine


Racing Karts are a great way to experience racing and selecting the engine is a vital part to the success of any racer. Whether you’re building a pre-fabricated racing kart, scratch-building one or making some repairs to an older kart, one thing you will need to have is a quality engine. There are a lot of different options on the market today to choose from, and if you’re not sure where to start? The information below will help you narrow down what type of engine you need for your kart. 

Racing Kart Engine Brands 

There are a lot of good brands on the market that are perfect for racing karts. One you may have heard of is Briggs and Stratton. This brand is notoriously found on lawn mowers and power equipment. They also make one of the best racing kart engines in the industry. These engines are typically expensive and are not a good option for a last-minute engine replacement. If you can afford one, that’s great; however, if a Briggs isn’t in the budget, there are some other quality name brands that will work just fine. 

Tecumseh and Honda racing kart engines are top quality motors and provide plenty of horsepower. Honda engines are the most commonly purchased among the average kart racer because the motor is dependable and hard to kill. Tecumseh engines are also a fine choice as they provide quick acceleration out of the corners and give the racer that little extra edge to get in front of an opponent. When you need to work on your engine it’s highly recommended to use Streeter super stands as they provide an elevated working surface and safely holds the weight of your kart without damaging the frame. 

All three of these brands are quality racing kart engines and depending on the horsepower will reflect the price. Briggs and Stratton used to manufacture kart engines specific for racing; however, liability issues forced the stop of production. 
There are still a lot of racers that use a Briggs anyway, and if you’re lucky enough to get a hold of one of the Briggs and Stratton designed racing engines, you have a gem on your hands. To get a Briggs motor for your kart all you need is the specs you want for your engine because if you try to order one, you’ll be informed that Briggs and Stratton don’t sell a kart engine. 

Horsepower for Racing Kart Engines 

– 3HP: This is great for a small build and a great choice for young children as their weight doesn’t bog down the motor and allows for faster acceleration while providing safety limits on just how fast the kart can go with your child behind the wheel. 

– 5HP: Is the most common racing kart engine as it provides a good middle ground and has plenty of horsepower. The engine uses a 60-tooth sprocket that has a top speed of 20mph. You can also purchase a 5.5HP engine for a little extra edge over the competition. 

– 6.5HP This is an option for larger horsepower engines that are typically used on off-road racing karts or it could be the torque design the engine provides that makes the difference in your performance. This engine will push a heavier kart or one that has bigger tires with no problem. 

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