Great Deals on NHL Memorabilia as Playoffs Roar Ahead!

The 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are in full swing, and there is no better time to invest in some of your favorite NHL player jerseys to celebrate the NHL Playoffs. There are great NHL merchandise deals available as the intensity of the playoffs picks up in the opening round, like at .

In their first official season as a hockey team in the National Hockey League, the Las Vegas Golden Knights have earned a playoff berth and clinched their spot in the second round of the playoffs after sweeping the Los Angeles Kings in four exhilarating hockey games. Now is a great opportunity to celebrate their accomplishment by stacking up on Golden Knights playoff memorabilia. Brand new merchandise is now on-sale for fans of the Vegas Golden Knights.

The Golden Knight’s defeat Los Angeles Kings in 4 Games

The Tampa Bay Lightning are looking to avenge their regular season struggles of the 2017 season by competing for a Stanley Cup in this years playoffs. The Tampa Bay Lightning have earned their position in the second round after dusting away the New Jersey Devils in five defensive hockey match-ups. The final dagger was struck as offensive player Ryan Callahan slid the puck into the net of the New Jersey Devils in the final seconds of game five. The Lightning will be awaiting their next opponent until the completion of the Toronto Maples Leafs and Boston Bruins opening round series. There is now a great opportunity to stack up on Tampa Bay Lightning sports gear as fans wait for the second round of the NHL playoffs to start.

Tampa Bay Lightning Opening Round Playoff Excitement

The Nashville Predators are considered the favorites for the 2018 Stanley Cup playoffs, and have earned the regular season “Presidents’ Trophy” accomplishment, signifying that they earned the most points during the NHL’s regular season. Presidents’ Trophy sports merchandise is on-sale for Predator’s fans as they continue down their path towards a Stanley Cup.

Nashville Predators earn 1st Place in Regular Season

The defending Stanley Cup champions, the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Philadelphia Flyers in six games, after striking down the Flyers in a lopsided 8-5 defeat in game six of their opening round. Penguins fans have a lot to be optimistic about as they look to face the winner of the Columbus and Washington series. Penguins fans should take advantage of the opportunity to reclaim some of their favorite merchandise, including all new defending Stanley Cup winner memorabilia as they look to win their third consecutive Stanley Cup.

Penguins overwhelm Flyers in 6 Games to Advance

As the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs comes to an end, the best eight teams will remain as we head towards the second round of competition. Fans of the remaining eight teams will fight to express their appreciation to their favorite hockey franchises, in hopes that they could bring a Stanley Cup back to their city.
The second round will feature four series of seven games, two series will contain Eastern Conference NHL teams, while the other two series feature Western Conference NHL teams. The battle for the Stanley Cup roars ahead as the best team will earn the Stanley Cup for their city in the 2017-2018 NHL Playoffs.