Five Interesting Facts About The Semi-Automatic Rifle

Guns are dangerous, but at the same time humans are so intrigued by them because of the power one gives you. People are especially intrigued by semi-automatic rifles aka self-loading rifles or auto loading rifles. Semi-automatic rifles come in a variety of types such as a 9mm Semi Automatic Rifle, M89SR sniper rifle, 12 Special Purpose Rifle, Accuracy International AS50 and several others. The semi-automatic rifle is a weapon that shots out one round each time a person pulls the trigger, but the shooter must reset the striker/hammer by releasing the trigger pool before they can continue shooting. 

If you compare it to a fully automatic rifle, the cartridges and the cycles instantly react when the trigger is pulled, and it shoots out more rounds until every bullet is used, making it twice as more deadly than the semi-automatic rifle. Here are five interesting facts about semi-automatic rifles. 

1. Early Use Of Automatic Rifles Was Limited. 

In the early 2000’s, gun manufacturing companies such as Remington, Fabrique Nationale, Winchester, and Savage Arms started selling 22. semi-automatic rifles. They all used the black system of operation. Then Winchester came out with the new medium caliber semi-automatic rifle to the model 1905, and 1907. Both of these models were strictly regulated and the only people who could use them were policemen and people in the military. 

2. One Of The Deadliest Shootings In The US Had Automatic Weapons. 

Stephan Padlock, a mentally ill man, ordered a hotel room on October 1st, 2017. He went to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas Strip and shot at people from his window. He killed over 30 people and almost one thousand people were injured. It sent panic and distress across the world. After Stephen finished his attack, he killed himself. No one knows why he did it. 

3. Mexico Was The First Country To Use A Semi Automatic Rifle

Mexico was the first country to ever allow the usage of a automatic rifle in battle. They used the a semi-automatic weapon called the Mondragón rifle (7×57 Mauser) Years later in 1917, France used the Fusil Automatique. This one was gas operated and people didn’t like it, however companies came out with a new and improved version of the model 1918. 

4. The SKS Was Replaced By An AK-47

One of the guns created during World War 2 was called the SKS. It was made in 1945 by Gavrilovich Simonov. It could be loaded with ten rounds and had a bayonet but eventually got replaced with an AK-47. 

5. Some States Still Ban Or Restrict The Use Of Automatic Weapons. 

Now the gun laws in the United States can be tricky, but some states do have a ban of what rifles you can and can’t own. For example, California bans bump sticks and machine guns. Also, the age limit to buy automatic weapons varies from state to state. 

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