Boxing news: Manny Pacquiao, Rustico Torrecampo, where is he now

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[advertisement_1] Individuals really do not know just wherever Rustico Torrecampo is, and that is the way he requires it to be. He is not in jail so is possible living as a squatter once more, with barely a penny to his name, as he was prior to he grew to […]


Individuals really do not know just wherever Rustico Torrecampo is, and that is the way he requires it to be.

He is not in jail so is possible living as a squatter once more, with barely a penny to his name, as he was prior to he grew to become a wished gentleman. The yrs have not been uncomplicated on Torrecampo, the 1st gentleman to knock out Manny Pacquiao who has considering that become a boxing wonderful and a political powerhouse in the Philippines, wherever his previous conqueror was in hiding.

Once wished for murder, specifics of Torrecampo’s current whereabouts have been softly whispered to Sky Sports. It hints at a gentleman clinging to his notoriety but in risk of stumbling.

A 12-year-previous Manny Pacquiao ran absent from the loved ones home to reside on the streets soon after his father cooked and ate their canine.

He grew to become a boxer, as a lot of children from the slums did. By 1996, aged seventeen, he experienced won his 1st eleven fights and was because of to make it 12 out of 12 on an undercard fight in Mandaluyong City against Rustico Torrecampo, a nondescript opponent who experienced currently been knocked out 4 occasions.

Torrecampo’s major work was to build and dismantle the ring itself – he would fight just to make a number of additional pesos, in accordance to the e book Pacman: Guiding The Scenes with Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao experienced missed excess weight and, as punishment, was pressured to have on eight-ounce gloves while his rival wore six-ounces.

Then in the third round Torrecampo threw a remaining hand that would become a footnote in boxing history. Pacquiao crashed to the ground and did not get up.

“I took all his punches,” Torrecampo claimed at the time. “He hardly ever damage me. When he went down, I realized he wouldn’t get up. The referee could’ve counted to one hundred and he wouldn’t have been ready to recover.

“I organized for him. I realized soon after throwing a jab, he would adhere to up with a straight or an uppercut. I waited for him to jab, then I countered. I strike him flush on the jaw. The referee stopped it mainly because he couldn’t stand up straight.”

Pacquiao responded by profitable 5 occasions in the following year, but Torrecampo? He couldn’t acquire advantage most possible mainly because, at the time, knocking out Pacquiao did not necessarily mean what it signifies nowadays.

A year later, Torrecampo was retired with a fourteen-eight-six document soon after a punishing finish to his career. He broke his wrist in the fight soon after Pacquiao but hardly ever authorized it to heal, as a substitute boxing on but profitable just after in his final six bouts.

His career concluded with an unhealed bone sticking out grotesquely from the remaining wrist that, 12 months before, experienced knocked out Pacquiao.

Torrecampo pocketed just £103 ($A198) for the KO which is remembered 24 yrs later, in accordance to the Philippine Star.

Torrecampo ran a roadside food stuff stall marketing fried rice and soup and lived with his loved ones, his wife’s dad and mom and his siblings in a squatter’s home, in accordance to local media Newsflash.

It was a far better work than the thirteen-hour days he would do at a metal factory soon after leaving boxing at the rear of.

He was authorized to park his cart for no cost in return for sweeping the nearby streets.

In 2007 another motor vehicle bumped into his auto, spilling the food stuff and the revenue, and an altercation broke out. The driver of the motor vehicle was identified lifeless with stab wounds. There was a law enforcement warrant for Torrecampo’s arrest for murder.

Close to the very same time, his fellow Filipino Pacquiao lit up Las Vegas by defeating Marco Antonio Barrera for the WBC super-featherweight championship.

2019 - Manny Pacquiao celebrates after defeating Keith Thurman during their WBA super world welterweight title fight
2019 – Manny Pacquiao celebrates soon after defeating Keith Thurman through their WBA super entire world welterweight title fightResource: AFP

Torrecampo grew to become a fugitive, on the run from the law, and this is wherever his story results in being even a lot more unusual.

No person on document can make clear the 4-year interval amongst the law enforcement issuing a warrant for his arrest and his comeback to the boxing ring in 2011.

A source employed by Sky Sports, the most current on document with a sighting of Torrecampo, insisted they “don’t recall” if he was at any time arrested.

But soon after a fourteen-year retirement, he boxed a single a lot more time and won by means of third-round knockout.

“I know I’ll hardly ever be like Manny but I want to keep battling,” he claimed soon after profitable. “I want to go as far as I can.”

Nearly on the very same day, but a million miles absent from the squalid comeback of the fugitive Torrecampo, the celebrity he after KOd was an invited visitor to the White Household to fulfill President Obama.

“I’m satisfied for Manny,” Torrecampo was quoted in the Philippine Star. “He’s blessed. He’s now loaded. If he at any time wishes to see me, I may not be ready to go mainly because I’m tight for money. I’ll have to shell out for transportation. But if he gives me 1,000 pesos [£16] I’ll be absent from work for a day and see him.”

There is some dispute as to whether Pacquiao has at any time attained out to assistance his previous opponent.

He is nicely-acknowledged for giving money to the inadequate in the communities wherever criminal offense comes to an immediate halt when his fights are televised, when the authorities and the deprived arrive jointly to look at their Pacquiao in action.

A 2007 Maxim Journal write-up highlighted Torrecampo proclaiming he experienced hardly ever benefited from Pacquiao’s generosity.

A source employed by Sky Sports insists Pacquiao, and certainly others, have monetarily served him on various events.

But no matter what grew to become of Torrecampo?

He grew to become a coach in a gym owned by the son and daughter-in-law of ‘Flash’ Elorde, the famous Filipino boxer of the 50s, 60s and 70s in Quezon City, north-east of Manila, in accordance to Sky Sports’ source.

Torrecampo “would check with for financial assistance from friends in the boxing group and was hardly ever turned away”.

The Elorde loved ones and Pacquiao, who is now a Senator in the Philippines, “always accommodated him”.

But three yrs in the past he stop his work as a gym coach and has not been listened to from considering that. A separate source insists he “is however around”.

That is the most current documented sighting of the 1st gentleman to knock out Pacquiao.

Oh, and as for Pacquiao? Considering the fact that that KO 24 yrs in the past he grew to become an eight-excess weight entire world winner and has held a title belt in 4 different many years. He grew to become a present day-day wonderful and was a single half of the richest fight at any time. He shed by knockout to Juan Manuel Marquez and described Torrecampo’s name by way of comparison.

Aged 41 he is the current WBA welterweight winner, a 71-fight veteran and a primary politician in the Philippines. He will hardly ever fail to remember the name Rustico Torrecampo.

This story initially appeared on Sky Sports.

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