Truth behind iconic Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston photo

Lahoma Whitelow


It is arguably the most well known photo in sport, and it turned 55 this week.

But there were truly two of them.

When Muhammad Ali swatted Sonny Liston to the canvas in the world heavyweight rematch, at Lewiston in Maine, the instant was captured by two adult men.

Ali is viewed snarling around Liston, the scary fighter a brash youthful boxer named Cassius Clay experienced shockingly beaten for the world heavyweight title fifteen months earlier.

These were outstanding periods, socially and politically, and Ali experienced transformed his title just after becoming a member of the Country of Islam concerning the two Liston fights.

The 1965 rematch may very well be the most controversial battle in record.

Ali raced out of his corner, landed punches to Liston’s head, and Liston collapsed to the canvas.

However scrutiny of the battle movie nonetheless will make it challenging to see the precise

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