The World’s Quickest Vehicles And Bikes

Morgan Mursch

sport spotFor these that have by no means watched a Nascar race from begin to finish, its status as a sport might be suspect. I have my personal words for this sport but I think I’ll just let you guess what they may be (hint: scroll to bottom of web page for the answer). My sister isolated the hot spot kitty for a number of weeks in her bedroom, with a separate litterbox and food, and door shut to preserve all other cats out. Sadly, while vacationing in Manzanillo, Mexico in 1985, Wayne went for a walk on the beach and disappeared. On the longest stretch of open water kayaking (7 hours straight) I met a couple of light rain storms that created the sea quite quite choppy and I feared capsizing for each moment of it. Needless to say I produced it safely with my kayak half filled with water.… Read More