Back In The Lucha Groove

Morgan Mursch

sports tonightWednesday nights from 7 to eight, Josh Ward and Russell Mayes dedicate an entire hour to talk prep football and sports in the region. Fox was certainly promoted as the rudo tonight and the fans booed him for attacking Killshot, but the fact remains that we have no thought what happened among the two. I don’t know if it was Hechicero rubbing off on him or what but Vangellys, a usually okay performer, really seemed to gel tonight. It was definitely remarkable sports fans, a testament to Dorada’s capability and quietly another example of just how trustworthy a guy like Euforia is as a base worker. I need a stick to up to No Time for Pants” dammit specifically since Mundo was clearly shown wearing pants tonight.

Because March 2009, a weeknightly 9.30 pm edition (started out at 7pm) of Sports Tonight aired on One particular with a weekend wrap … Read More