Hobbies Playing Bowling? 5 Of These Hotels Provide Eccentric Style Bowls

To get the best service for the guests, hotels are usually equipped with entertainment facilities, such as bars, lounges, playrooms for children, and much more. However, it is different from the following five hotels that provide entertainment facilities that are rarely found in other hotels, namely bowling alley. The result, spending a vacation in a hotel becomes more exciting by playing bowling with the Best Bowling Ball at family time.

  1. Dream Midtown, New York

The hotel has a lounge area named Fishbowl. This name comes from a large aquarium on one side of the room, with 150 exotic fish in it. Not only is it superior to Fishbowl. Inside there are also two bowling lanes that visitors can play while sipping drinks from Fishbowl. Even though it only has two lanes, bowling will add to the excitement of the atmosphere hanging out in an antique lounge with wood.

  1. Ham Yard Hotel, London

The hotel has a bowling alley equipped with a 1950s Brunswick brand bowling line imported directly from Texas. The owner and interior designer of this hotel, Kit Kemp, modernized the bowling alley at the Ham Yard Hotel through a new look, so that it was far from old-fashioned. Although it has been given a modern touch, vintage seasoning can still be found from some indoor furniture, such as one of the brown sofas imported from South Africa.

  1. Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, Los Angeles

Entering the bowling alley at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, you will feel like entering the setting of a mafia-themed film in the 1950s. So classic and antique, the bowling alley that blends with the hotel lounge space is designed to follow the style of Hollywood’s golden age. Besides playing bowling, here you can also play dominoes, backgammon, and many more games from the past.

  1. The Miami Beach Edition, Florida

Basement Bowl, a bowling alley located in the hotel The Miami Beach Edition, Florida, is uniquely designed with a spotlight rich in LED lights. This lamp installation is the result of a design by Patrick Woodroffe, a lighting designer who is experienced in arranging concert lightings of famous celebrities, such as Beyonce and the Rolling Stones. The screen and LED lights in the Basement Bowl can dance beautifully according to the movements of the visitors who are playing bowling there. This place was also used as the location for Ellie Goulding’s birthday celebration.

  1. Foxwoods Resort Casino, Mashantucket, Connecticut

Even though it’s called a casino, the entertainment area in this hotel doesn’t only provide card games. The hotel also provides a High Rollers Luxury Lanes & Sports Lounge where visitors can bowling. Unmitigated, High Rollers has 20 bowling lanes, including VIP lanes. The entertainment room at the Foxwoods Resort Casino hotel also provides four billiard tables that can be used by guests.